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Conventional methods for the made-to-fit creation of orthotics and prosthetics devices are time consuming and require a lot of steps.

In recent years many specialists started working with 3D scanning and 3D printing to create light weight and comfortable devices. The challenge however is the translation from scan to a physical 3D printed device that actually fits. CAD software can solve this in a way but requires CAD engineering skills most specialists lack. This is where Twikit comes in.

With Twikit things become easy with a turnkey ‘scan-to-fit solution’ powered by the Twikfit technology. Specialists can use this end-to-end system they can operate without engineering skills.

The template based Twikfit solution saves time and money and results in a perfectly fitting device. The solution is compatible with a wide range of scanners, 3D printers and parts from many OEMs.

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The Twikfit Advantage

When it comes to fitting a handbrace, the goal is a perfect fit that feels light and seamless. Twikfit’s direct scan to print capabiltity means you can work with the most advanced materials and have a fit that is literally made for you.


Studio Twikit - Application development for individualized digital manufacturing

Studio Twikit supports leading brands through design and consulting services, enabling new product applications in the field of customization and on-demand digital manufacturing.


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Twikit believes in co-operation and partnership. Curious about our current partners or partnering up with Twikit to make mass customization the new standard?


This solution is powered by Twikfit

TwikFit is a modular extension of the Twikbot platform for orthotics and prosthetics; with TwikFit you can create products based on 3D scans for a customized fit for human proportions, wear and comfort.

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