Hand brace

Whether for fractures or repetitive injuries, immobilization is key to treatment for traumas to the hand. TwikFit technology promotes healing without complications because of its fit to form. Patients can choose from an array of materials, colors, textures to create a personalized composition that supports healing using the latest advancements in technology. Form scraping and shaping ensures less friction and pressure with greater comfort for an overall better experience.

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The Twikfit Advantage

When it comes to fitting a handbrace, the goal is a perfect fit that feels light and seamless. Twikfit’s direct scan to print capabiltity means you can work with the most advanced materials and have a fit that is literally made for you.


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With an array of options, Twikit is able to provide the best possible device to further your treatment and wellness needs. Customized for perfect fit our devices are unique to you but cost-effective, too.

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