How to level up your game: sports gear and product customization

January 13, 2023


Bauer Hockey revolutionizes the way professional helmets are fitted together with Twikit. The Custom-Fit app, which launched at the end of 2022, leverages the Twikit software solution for design automation to create personalized helmets for pro players. In three easy steps, the app provides Bauer with reliable production-ready files, which enables the on-demand and at-scale manufacturing of custom-fit products.  
Continue reading how Bauer and other sports brands benefit from leveling up their game with advanced personalization.  
Bauer is bringing the personalized fitting experience to their customer
Exceed customer satisfaction with personalization 

The consumer has ever-changing preferences, and that is something the consumer industry has to comply with. Bauer is in good company because customized and personalized products are a trend many brands have rolled with. 76% of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase from brands that offer personalization (source).  

And the trend keeps on evolving. While customers previously were satisfied with choosing the color or text, now, they seek unique products — items made especially to fit them. As brands need to align their offering with the needs of the customer, advanced personalization is a way to satisfy more and different customers as well as drastically improve the shopping experience.  

Any brand can level up its game with the right customization software platform that streamlines the workflow from front to back end. 

Personalized handlebars with custom shape, texture, and text.
Sports gear, the perfect fit for advanced customization 

Especially for sports gear, fit and appearance are essential. How a handlebar is molded to your grip, a shoe that fits like a glove, or a helmet that enhances your performance. Crucial product details can make a difference in winning or losing. That is why customization has never been more relevant in the consumer goods industry now that software and manufacturing techniques enable a perfectly seamless digital workflow.  


The Bauer hockey helmet customer case  

Bauer Hockey is a perfect example of how a sports brand has ventured into advanced personalization. Together with Twikit, they launched an app that recommends the ideal size of helmet, but also an app that creates production-ready files for custom-fitted helmets. Both apps use 3D scans to calculate the head’s size, ensuring a very accurate fit.  

Let’s talk a little more about the custom-fit app for hockey player and goalie helmets. The design process is automated and intuitive through an app with user experience as its top priority. For the custom-fit application, with a few easy clicks, the production-ready file is created and automatically sent to the proper production facility. This can be anywhere in the world, leveraging distributed manufacturing.  

Now Bauer can offer the ultimate service of making sports gear that is custom-fit for every player, and as a result, players can enhance their performance with a perfectly fitting helmet.  

The padding in the Bauer helmet is designed to fit the player perfectly, based on a 3D scan.
How does product customization level up your game? 

So, why would you start exploring advanced personalization as a consumer, specifically as a sports gear brand?  

  • Customer experience: in Belgium, there is a saying, ‘the customer is king,’ and they should be treated like royalty for the highest possible customer satisfaction. Personalization adds an extra dimension to how a consumer can experience a brand and its product by being able to purchase products that are unique and made especially for them – like royalty.  
  • Add value through customization: by offering a custom-fit product, you add value in the eyes of the customer. A better fit, more comfort, and uniqueness are qualities that justify the extra dollar a consumer pays and will positively impact your brand image.    
  • Level up your game: with R&D teams continuously working on new and innovative product features, customization can set you apart from the competition  –  a competitive edge that differentiates you from other brands. Because why would you want a generic product that does not provide the comfort of a perfect fit when you could have that kind of luxury?  
  • Innovative technologies in place: with smart customization software ready when you are, as well as digital manufacturing techniques, there is no reason not to dive into advanced personalization. Twikit’s personalization platform provides all the tools to offer custom products manufactured on demand and at scale. 



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