Tarform x Formlabs x Twikit

November 12, 2019


At Twikit we understand that our clients have their customer’s best interest in mind. By making everything more personal and reflecting customer’s needs, trust increases so customers are even happier.


Twikit specializes in making software that enables advanced individualization on any product or part by manipulating ergonomics and patterns but also product features like size, color, or text. Software that enables both the client and company to achieve their objectives appealed to Tarform to collaborate and design more unique motorcycle.


In order to emphasize the importance of personal contact/aspect, together we decided to customize the motorcycle’s handlebars so that there’s a higher and more unique contact between the biker and the motorcycle itself.


For the implementation/realization of these limited rubber handlebars Tarform relied on the expertise and high-quality 3D printers of Formlabs. Surprisingly enough 3D printing allows Tarform to pursue their sustainability goals. No more need to mass produce but only for limited amounts and materials that are very strong and long-lasting.


How it works.
Step 1.

In the Twikit software platform, the customer can make adjustments until satisfied with the created design. Both a smartphone and desktop can be used for customization.

Step 2.

The final product is saved as a 3D file and will be exported to a STL file which will be sent to one of Formlabs 3D printers.

Step 3.

To shape the final product, Formlabs use a flexible resin, also known as an elastomer, that allows for bendable/compressible parts to be printed on any Formlabs printer.

When this is all set, the actual production can start.


Step 4.

After production the product is ready to use, and the customer can experience his or her “masterpiece” in real life.