Teambuilding: corona-proof edition

December 21, 2020


Empty offices, online meetings, and working from home have become the new standard. Instead of meeting colleagues at the water cooler, you see them via a screen or not at all. And if we are honest, few of us would send an e-mail just to have a spontaneous chat. However, it is said that informal conversation is the heart of strong workplace culture. Even scientific research has shown that these casual interactions are essential for company culture, working together, and work relationships. This is one reason why team building activities during the current circumstances are important to the Twikit team.  


When you have been working at home for a while, a change of scenery is a must. Getting out of your rut and switching it up. With social distancing in mind and productivity and creativity as a goal, Twikit introduced the TwikWalks. These are safe meetings that take place outside, either in nature or anywhere else. Team members can go on a walk and talk things over in person—a bliss after months of teleworking. The walks are opportunities to discuss work-related items, rekindle connections, and continue bonding despite the otherwise distance separation. Even if the workplace as we know it is no more, Twikit values the workplace culture. 

Moving on to the annual Christmas party, a staple on any company calendar, canceling was not an option. In the spirit of team building, two enthusiastic Twikit team members let their creativity flow and organized the first digital Twikit Quiz. The Twikit team was divided into several groups, with each their own group name and custom logo. Through several rounds (including one round with depicting and singing), each team had to work together and come up with the answers. The result: an evening of good moods, new memories, and a lot of team spirit. Digital team building events are a way for the whole team to join forces and enjoy themselves from a safe distance.    

While these activities are fun and relaxing, they have a greater purpose. Connecting while being at a distance from each other is never easy. But it is important to maintain team coherence and foster it. Working together is a key principle at Twikit, and for team members to succeed well in it, casual and lighthearted interaction is important. Activities such as TwikWalks and the Twikit Quiz encourage us to come together as a team.  

We look forward to when the office is not empty anymore, and meetings happen physically. But, we will always be creative with what is handed to us and stay connected. 

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