Our proprietary technology, including Twikbot and Twikfit, integrates beautifully within your existing web platform, e-commerce, in-store kiosk, order management/CMS system, ERP, manufacturing processes and more. We can work with legacy systems and are compatible with more recent digital manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC milling.



Create highly-customized products at scale. The Twikbot cloud platform revolutionizes the customer experience with its proprietary end-to-end personalization software.



Twikfit, a made-to-fit application for orthotics and prosthetics. Centering on a proprietary Design Automation Algorithm, Twikfit helps produce made-to-fit devices at scale from 3D scan to 3D print.

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The era of digitally manufactured bespoke products is the ultimate win-win for manufacturers, makers and customers. All benefit from a sustainable approach. On-demand production allows companies to reduce overhead and inventory. Customers experience a personalized touch and get exactly what they want.

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