Twikbot technology

  • Product parametrization

Mass customization follows defined criteria and starts with the Product Creator, an intuitive parametrization tool. Once the specifications are translated and incorporated into a user-friendly interface, the specifications become available for online customer applications or in-store solutions.

  • Production output & connection

Twikbot automatically generates briefings and production files for a variety of digital manufacturing technologies. With a highly successful track record of reliable 2D and 3D print files, Twikbot can generate multiple production component files from just one product. Connections can be made with multiple manufacturing entities or distributed manufacturing networks supporting a variety of digital manufacturing techniques.

  • Visual 3D customization

Customers can explore your product’s advanced customization options with an interactive 3D viewer. Intuitive and optimized for mobile, the Twikbot platform lets your customers preview changes to geometry, pattern, color and material according to the parameters you’ve set.

  • Advanced integrations

Twikbot has multiple integration points with stand-alone alternatives. Processes can be automated through API connections and triggers. More information on Twikbot segments and their methods of integration are covered in our Twikbot General Integration Information and Integration Libraries.

How it works

Discover Twikbot

Twikbot is a cloud platform that offers end-to-end personalization software that enables customer experience. Think of 3D interactive product models that can be viewed and customized in a mobile browser or manufactured through digital technologies.


Twikbot Benefits

By producing customized, unique items via digital supply chains, digital manufacturing can make products that fit the market better. That not only gives you a competitive edge, but it allows you to respond to trends and consumer demand quicker and with more agility. There are cost benefits, too. Targeted expenditures in time and materials mean better margins. Through Digital Manufacturing, companies can meet the needs of customers better and they have the option of working closer to the customer–which eliminates expensive transportation costs.

In an era where time-to-market, personalization, inventory, custom fit, locally made and the environment matter, digital manufacturing offers unbeatable business and production opportunities.

  • Create higher value products
  • Respond quicker to trends
  • More sustainable than traditional production
  • Individualized products 

Twikbot Integrations

Twikbot integrates seamlessly within your existing ecosystem whether your web platform, e-commerce tools, in-store kiosk, order management and CMS system, ERP, manufacturing processes and more.


Twikbot has multiple integration points with stand-alone alternatives. All processes can be automated through API connections and triggers.


  • VPC Cloud security
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Protects copyright
  • OAuth and OpenID standard

Twikbot API’s enable custom integrations in front and back-end. Please contact us for more information.

Ready to get started?

The era of digitally manufactured bespoke products is the ultimate win-win for manufacturers, makers and customers. All benefit from a sustainable approach. On-demand production allows companies to reduce overhead and inventory. Customers experience a personalized touch and get exactly what they want.

Contact us today to start integrating mass-customization to your products and revolutionize your customer experience.