TwikFit technology

Enabling made-to-fit product offerings through a digital workflow
  • Custom fit

Orthotics and prosthetics that mold perfectly to the body means a more comfortable fit and measurement accuracy that also saves time and energy.

  • Searchable database

Integrated with current patient management systems so you can see solutions evident in other 3D scans. You can also easily consult your previous 3D scans to check progress.


  • Fewer errors  The information flow is direct to computer which means fewer communication errors than with traditional methods like plaster casting. 
  • Faster production

Reduced production times and less manual steps needed.

How it works

Discover TwikFit

TwikFit is a modular extension of the Twikbot platform for orthotics and prosthetics; with TwikFit you can create 3D scans for a customized fit for human proportions, wear and comfort.


TwikFit Benefits

TwikFit puts a premium on customized fit. Orthotics and wearables are made-to-fit based on a 3D scan. You can also personalize the structure, color and finish, and ensure that the orthotic device to skin contact improves. TwikFit helps eliminate pressure and friction by conforming the brace to perfectly match the scan. To achieve the best fit, scan corrections (like scraping) happen on the scan itself, not the model.

Comfort is primary with TwikFit. Orthotics and prosthetics can be made much lighter, meaning they are not as weighing down the wearer or causing unnecessary fatigue. Lightweight material is also less-likely to cause sweat and skin irritations ensuring greater patient compliance.

  • True fit with lighter materials
  • Less-abrasive skin contact
  • No CAD knowledge required
  • Intuitive program

TwikFit Integrations

TwikFit works with all patient management systems so you can digitally manage the patient treatment and progress in a simplified program—without needing knowledge of CAD.


TwikFit solutions

From handbraces, wheelchairs, thumbraces, night splints, to prosthetic covers to name a but a few, TwikFit can render a solution to meet your treatment needs.

Orthotics & prosthetics

Ready to get started?

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We offer tools like a 3D interactive product model (available to explore on your phone’s browser) and are compatible with more recent digital manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC milling