The next phase of Twikit Connect: connectin TwikBot with CAD software

March 11, 2021
To advance the possibilities which TwikBot offers, Twikit is taking the software’s integration capabilities to the next level with the Twikit Connect program. The result: a plug-and-play TwikBot hybrid software system. With the purpose to simplify the introduction of on-demand digitally manufactured mass customization to any business model.  
The first step was the launch of the front-end Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate a customizer seamlessly into any e-commerce platform or website. Now, they are moving forward to the next phase of Twikit Connect and creating a fully integrated TwikBot by launching the API and connectors for CAD software 
In April 2021, Twikit will launch the Twikit Connect program’s second phase by introducing a Rhino Grasshopper CAD connector which links the software to TwikBot. The connector is built on top of the new API, enabling the setup and launch of a wide range of additional connectors. 


Introducing a hybrid, plug-and-play TwikBot

TwikBot is Twikit’s proprietary software core which enables the creation and digital manufacturing of highly customized products at scale. The end-to-end cloud solution, including the proprietary software Kernel, supports the full customization journey from product parametrization to order and manufacturing management. Due to its cloud-based location and hybrid architecture, the TwikBot solution is scalable and applicable for all sorts of industries such as automotive, orthotics, and protective gear.  


How Twikit is building the TwikBot plug-and-play, open software solution to integrate smoothly into any workflow:   

  • The first touchpoint is with CAD and optimization software. With the link to the TwikBot platform, 3D CAD models can be uploaded onto Twikit Create. Twikit Create is a platform for creating and managing parametric designs. In the platform, parameters are defined, and certain operations can be performed, such as adding lattice through additional Twikit extensions.    
  • The Twikit Web SDK is the next step in the chain covering the front-end. It allows a product customizer to seamlessly integrate into any e-commerce platform, car configurator, in-store kiosk, 3D scanning app, or website.    
  • Following the customizer is the order and configuration management software, Twikit Live, also powered by TwikBot. The platform assists in order management, production files and presents analytics.    
  • The final connection is with manufacturing. TwikBot connects to MES platforms through additional extensions for optimized production efficiency. 


Twikit offers end-to-end automated mass customization solutions

Twikit’s vision is to grow TwikBot into an open and modular hybrid platform which fully integrates with other solutions. Why? To accelerate mass individualization through digital manufacturing. End-to-end full solutions are the way to move the market forward.    


Implementing mass customization into your business processes needs to be plug-and-play without losing focus on the customer experience and production efficiency. Therefore Twikit looks at the full picture and enables TwikBot to be part of a rich eco-system. It allows for full automatization, crucial for mass customization, starting with product design in CAD software to manufacturing with digital technologies. It reduces both manual steps and errors.    


By making connections with third-party systems, the solution becomes truly plug-and-play, increasing the installation speed and reducing costs. 

SDK’s for seamless front-end integration and a unique personalization experience

The first step has been taken. On the front-end, Twikit has already established progress towards an open software solution. The Twikit Web Software Development Kit (SDK) ensures seamless integration of customizers into any e-commerce platform or website and enables a scalable set-up of more integration plug-ins.

It contains website publishing tools and a client-side JavaScript library. The SDK fuses with a webshop or website with just a few lines of code—a simple integration that automatizes the product customization phase.  


Learn more about the Twikit web SDK or visit the open-source demo examples.    


The next step: design automation by connecting CAD software and Twikit Create

The next big thing in the hybrid model of Twikit is the connection to CAD and engineering software. It is significant for two reasons:  

  • To simplify the process for new product input and template set-up 
  • By setting up a hybrid model, TwikBot algorithms and modifiers can be combined with CAD / CAE functionalities


By connecting TwikBot and CAD software, 3D designs are easily uploaded onto the Twikit Create platform onto the cloud, interpreting the CAD data and preparing it for customization by defining the parameters. With mass customization, a file is not ‘fixed’ as it is with mass production. That is why parametrization comes into play. It increases complexity, but it is essential for the production process.   


By setting up a hybrid model, TwikBot algorithms and modifiers can be combined with CAD / CAE functionalities. Twikit Create is a node-based system. If the CAD software is also node-based, specific nodes can be integrated into Twikit Create and the CAD program. It results in flow automation and connection.   

The fore-runner in node-based parametrization is Rhino Grasshopper. Because both the program and Twikit Create work according to a node-based system, the integration between the two is a logical first step in connecting TwikBot to CAD software. This integration will launch in April 2021.  


Additionally, within mass customization, verification for each product output is crucial. The open system enables the connection with simulation systems and sets up FEA or CFD simulations for each specific product export to have a validated flow.  


TwikBot plug-and-play hybrid software solution: enabling mass customization for any brand and industry

The broader mass customization eco-system can only be leveraged when different systems are connected. These systems being the various components necessary to deliver customized parts at a large scale. The benefits of the Twikit Connect program for customers are that existing systems can easily connect with less effort than before. 


The TwikBot plug-and-play open software solution program will not only enable highly customized products at scale as TwikBot already does but accelerate mass individualization through digital manufacturing. The Twikit Connect program facilitates end-to-end integrations for design automation and digital on-demand manufacturing the easiest way possible.