Twikit launches the Admin portal: the control center of everything Twikit

March 12, 2021
The Twikit portfolio of mass customization software products is continuously expanding. With TwikBotTwikFitTwikit Create, Twikit Live, and more coming soon, there was a need for an application to supervise and operate all the software products in one view. To ensure easy access, security, and efficient management of mass customization tools, Twikit has launched Admin Portal.   
Admin Portal is the control center where you can manage all users, roles, permissions, and organizations for all of Twikit’s mass customization tools. Through a single-sign-on, you connect with the entire digital production chain for a smooth customization workflow. It allows for a seamless connection to digital manufacturing and provides you with all the tools to capture the value of on-demand, digitally manufactured personalized products.    


Twikit’s Admin Portal

Learn more about Admin Portal and its exciting features and added values for mass customization operations from Sam Van Den Berghe, Head of full-stack development at Twikit 

Value-adding features highlighted
Industry-standard security 

All Twikit products need to meet high-level security requirements. The accounts set-up and managed through Admin Portal are secured through the Ory Hydra implementation of OAuth 2.0 and OpenID connect. The portal provides the latest industry-standard regarding security, protecting all users and their organizations.  


Flexible and fine-grained permission management  

Admin Portal’s features allow managing user permissions in a very flexible and fine-grained way. Users are free to create their own roles to suit the organization’s needs. Each user role has a set of permissions for actions available within the Twikit web applications. This means you can create roles and grant them a certain level of access to the applications for precise user management.  


Managing multiple organizations 

Managing multiple organizations is a key feature of Admin Portal. This means that an organization can create sub-organizations such as other departments or companies. A single user can also be part of several organizations. As multiple organizations are supported throughout Twikit web applications, such as TwikFitTwikit Create, and Twikit Live, it allows use cases like sublicensing with the Twikit software. And, did you know that Admin Portal is fully white-labeled? 


Streamline your digital mass customization workflow

Admin Portal offers one control center for all 3D customization software through a single-signon. It allows you to manage your organizations, roles, and permissions efficiently to streamline your digital mass customization workflow and capture the value of on-demand, digitally manufactured personalized products.