Twikit Live module: connecting front-ends with on-demand and de-centralized manufacturing

June 16, 2021


Made-to-fit products generated through on-demand digital manufacturing require a fully digital chain. In this blog, we’ll focus on the logistics and manufacturing part of the chain. How can sustainable manufacturing be accelerated through a digital, on-demand, and automated workflow? Well, Twikit’s Live platform module connects the dots between the design automation kernel and the manufacturing hubs.
Twikit Live: one platform that enables on-demand manufacturing

Live is the supporting application which enables digital manufacturing of unique products at scale. Just like any Twikit solution, it lives in the cloud and is accessible through a web browser. It allows you to create, track, and manage unique orders for digital production.   


Live connects all the dots in the customization supply chain as the center of the on-demand manufacturing flow. When an end-user configures and orders a unique product in any front-end interface, the design automation kernels will automatically generate the production-ready files. In the back-end, the confirmed sale is then registered in the Live platform, give access to the unique production files.  The files (with a unique ID) are then pushed in manufacturing through an API or downloaded. Everything is automated, making it a walk in the park.   

The monitoring functionality integrated into Live,  monitors all behavior of each product: tracking the number of started customization sessions, saved configurations, ordered configurations, parameter usage, production success rate, and more. The data can be visualized in dashboards.   


The open API structure of Live enables you to integrate with your production intake, MES systems, ERP systems, and logistics.    


One software module enabling distributed manufacturing 

Brands and OEM’s can integrate with several suppliers (additive and beyond), enabling distributed manufacturing. This can be set up in Live on product-, part- and location level. Like this, each unique production file(s) is automatically sent to the right manufacturing facility, based on the requirements:  

  • The production files can be sent to a local service center closest to the end consumer’s location. It allows for more sustainable and efficient logistics—the result: shorter cycles and an automated supply chain.   
  • The files for the same personalized product can also be sent to different manufacturing facilities based on required materials and technologies. For example, one part can be produced in a facility specializing in metal additive manufacturing, while another part can be sent to an expert specialized in polymers. These parts can then be assembled in another, different location.   

These options enable manufacturing players to partner with brands through the Twikit technology.  


Twikit ensures scalable logistics and manufacturing   

Along with the Twikit cloud suite, Live optimizes logistics and connects all the dots in the supply chain resulting in a more efficient, on-demand production flow with less waste, shorter cycles, and insights from data capturing.   


Customized products can be ordered from anywhere globally via web-based interfaces and produced on-demand and de-centrally due to the distributed workflows set-up.