Twikit Live software connecting to MES: seamless lot-size-1 manufacturing flows

July 6, 2021


The Twikit Live software solution is built to connect and integrate with existing systems to elevate sales and manufacturing processes. The proprietary technology enables the creation and on-demand production of personalized products. On the other hand, connecting to MES systems fuels scaling to mass production and a seamless manufacturing flow for brands and OEMs.  


Manufacturing Execution Systems or MES are information systems which monitor and track production processes to ensure operations are executed efficiently.  

The Twikit end-to-end cloud solution supports the full customization journey from product parametrization to order and manufacturing management through integrations with external systems.
Software integration enabling efficient production processes

The Twikit software solution integrated with MES systems allows for more accurate demand forecasts, enabling companies to reduce inventories and avoid overproduction. It makes a physical stock obsolete and reduces the need for manual labor due to efficient logistics and stock management, reducing costs in the process.   


With Twikit Live as the platform for creating, tracking, and managing orders for digital manufacturing, the on-demand production of personalized products has never been more straightforward. Unique orders placed through the front-end interface by end-customers are translated into production-ready files with the Twikit cloud geometry kernel. They are then sent to third-party MES systems for distributed manufacturing through Twikit Live.   


The solution built to connect with external systems

Twikit built the Twikit Live platform as an order management portal with essential functionalities to track orders with production files. This portal can be consulted directly by workers or integrated with external MES. These features enable companies to get started with manufacturing quickly, and they rely just on Live for smooth operations.  


For well-established production operations and enterprise-level customers, essential functionalities need to be complemented by more manufacturing management systems. That is why Twikit Live is also made to integrate with external and fully equipped MES systems flexibly. Twikit Live’s open API structure (and TwikBot in general) facilitates the use of plug-ins for integrations with MES systems and other systems that are already in place.   


One dashboard with all data

The Twikit solution also allows for complete dashboarding, thanks to the seamless connection between Live and MES systems. The smooth communication between platforms enables the collection of data for one overview of manufacturing information. Live extracts the data from the external systems and presents it in a clear dashboard ready for analysis.  


Automized distributed manufacturing through integrations

When an order has been placed, the Twikit software sends the correct production file to the right facility through the connected MES system, contributing to manufacturing efficiency. This way, brands and OEM’s can collaborate with several manufacturing sites and suppliers: digital manufacturing in general, additive manufacturing, CNC, and laser cutting. It can be set up in the Twikit Live platform on product-, part- and location level, adjusting the solution to fit your business.