Cloud platform connecting advanced product individualization with digital manufacturing

Twikit platform

End-to-end solution for design automation

Twikit created its proprietary software which creates the bridge between the user experience of customization and digital manufacturing 4.0. It enables the on-demand production of personalized products at scale. The technology results in an end-to-end solution and can be seamlessly integrated within legacy systems for digital manufacturing environments such as 3D-printing, laser cutting, and CNC milling.

At Twikit, we support companies in their ambition towards mass customization. We start from a parametric product idea and turn it into reality. Combining this idea and our customization software, allows companies to make the personalization of these products scalable and into the hands of each individual.


A large library of real-time, physics-based shaders that our 3D designers and product engineers can use to give your customizable products a realistic look.


Twikit’s proprietary software core. It is the engine behind the customization platform and is responsible for all required 3D geometry and 2D image editing.


A web-based platform for consumer brands and orthotics professionals. They can utilize TwikFit to automate the production of high volume made-to-fit products.


The Product creator contains a powerful graph-based tool to combine your product resources and define the blueprint of the product parametrization.


A cloud-based platform that is accessible from anywhere through a web browser and allows you to create, track, and manage orders for digital manufacturing.


The user management portal for all Twikit cloud solutions. It allows flexible configurations of user accounts and access within your organization, with the option to integrate into legacy systems.

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