Create and manage parametric designs with Product Creator

The Product creator contains a powerful graph-based tool to combine your product resources and define the blueprint of the product parametrization. No programming experience is required for the use of the product creator. When products are deployed, the product creator automatically generates user interfaces that can be integrated into websites or e-commerce platforms. 

Define Customization Blueprint

  • Manage product resources for visualization and production
  • Define complex geometric manipulations of the resources
  • Add the possibility to define text fields, icons, image uploads
  • Apply textures and materials to products
  • Preview visualization with the same web technology as configurators
  • Instant update of preview visualization to changes in the graph
  • Integration with external CAD packages possible
  • Define export options

Visualization Environment

  • Set camera positions
  • Define camera rotations
  • Set light positions
  • Set materials
  • Create new materials

More Twikit technologies


A large library of real-time, physics-based shaders that our 3D designers and product engineers can use to give your customizable products a realistic look.


Twikit’s proprietary software core. It is the engine behind the customization platform and it is responsible for all the required 3D geometry and 2D image editing.


A web-based platform for consumer brands and orthotics professionals. They can utilize TwikFit to automate the production of high volume made-to-fit products.


Order management software for digital manufacturing. It’s a secure web platform that allows you to create, track, and manage orders for digital manufacturing.


The user management portal for all Twikit cloud solutions. It allows flexible configurations of user accounts and access, with the option to integrate into legacy systems.

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