Twikit web SDK: smooth integration

January 21, 2021


Whether you are an acclaimed brand adding customization to extend product ranges or a niche manufacturer focusing solely on custom productspersonalization is where we are heading. The Twikit web SDK (Software Development Kit) allows a configurator to be smoothly integrated into digital interfaces such as webshops or websitesA simple solution to innovate your assortment and customer experience.   


To illustrate the Twikit software solution, let’s take the automotive industry as an example. With the rapid technological advancements in the industry, car brands have to keep innovating to be the forerunner. Simultaneously, consumers are becoming more demanding, and the value of the customer experience has become significant.  


These two factors present the automotive industry with two challenges: optimizing manufacturing efficiency and offering customers a truly personalized customer experience on par with the brand guidelines. Twikit can support in conquering these challenges.  


A feature rich Web SDK

To ensure customer satisfaction, it requires a user interface that leans into customers’ wishes and integrates seamlessly into their platform. This is where Twikit can assist. The Twikit web SDK contains website publishing tools and a client-side JavaScript library. The JavaScript library has a rich set of functionalities for adding a 3D canvas with configuration options and translations to your website. The Twikit SDK allows the configurator to fuse with every webshop or website with just a few lines of code. It embeds in the front-end code, which also saves the user server costs. 


Feature overview of the Twikit web SDK
  • Simple JavaScript library to integrate a 3D configurator in any website 
  • Distributed to a worldwide content distribution network (CDN), ensuring fast loading times worldwide 
  • Save and reopen user configurations for an optimal customer experience 
  • Support desk for all your IT questions and feature requests 
  • Seamlessly integrated with the Twikit Product Creator tools and Twikbot 
  • Open-source demo examples available 
  • Visit here to learn more about the Twikit web SDK 

Angular example application – The Angular framework simplifies increasing responsivity, applying material design, and reusing branding components in the configurator.
Javascript example application – The Twikit web SDK can be integrated into any website whether it uses the framework Angular or not.
Configurator styling

The previously mentioned advantages are significant, but you would also require the customizer to be visually integrated. This means that the colors, fonts, logos, and other elements are consistent with the overall UX of, e.g., a car configurator. The custom product becomes a part of the assortment and needs to communicate this way to all customers visiting the website. The configurator can be provided ready-to-use with the right branding incorporated to meet this requirement. Further, Twikit web SDK also grants a company’s in-house IT team to style the configurator themselves. The in-house IT team is then able to style the platform themselves to fit seamlessly into the website.   


Advanced customization

The Twikit software solution enables the connection between the front-end product personalization experience and digital manufacturing. Hereby, Twikit provides an end-to-end digital process in which manufacturers can capture the value of advanced customization. The customization platform can cover a wide spectrum of applications and finishes (e.g., color, pattern, personalized text,…)—all of which the customer can personally select. In turn, it results in increased customer engagement, revenues, and margins whilst also reducing production complexity.  

Visit the Twikit car wheel configurator and explore the possibilities yourself. 
The Twikit software solution: end-to-end

To conclude, offering a customer the unique experience of designing their own product is made simple by the Twikit software solution. Twikit web SDK ensures seamless integration of the customizer into any webshop or website. It is possible to visually modify the configurator to match any branding by an in-house IT team, or Twikit can be of assistance to implement the required design. A complete front-end optimization that links to the back-end operations smoothly with increased efficiency.   


On the back-end, Twikit ensures a smooth transition to a completely digital manufacturing flow with optimized efficiency. It can be implemented into any business model or industry for any product. By providing scalability, cost-effective production, and lesser errors during the process, going digital is made a logical choice by Twikit.