Twikit’s 2022

December 15, 2022


When we say it was an exciting year for Twikit with much change, we mean it. Change can be as good as it can be difficult. It’s all about how you approach it and learn to work with it instead of against it. Luckily, the Twikit team is a group of ambitious and strong-minded people who can handle about anything (if we may say so ourselves). So, as we have almost reached the end of 2022, let’s see what changes Twikit has experienced this year!    
New Twikit Tribers 

First of all, the Twikit Tribe team grew during 2022. With new members in several departments, from accounting to sales to project management. Happy to have you! They already have a vast place in the tribe, and we’re excited that it keeps growing yearly. Our company culture strengthens by adding profiles with different backgrounds and skill sets that everyone can learn from.  

We still have a few vacancies if you’re interested in joining a performance-driven company that is not afraid to stretch itself in a fun environment and focus on impact and growth. Intrigued? Apply now!  


Customer launches: The Bauer Game-Fit and Custom-fit app 

After an intense collaboration on the project, the Bauer Hockey Game-Fit and Custom-fit app finally launched on the market. The Twikit marketing team even visited a retailer in Belgium that was already using the Game-Fit app. Watch it here:  

It is proof of consumer brands making personalized products accessible to end-consumers in a retail environment. It’s just that easy. 3D-scan a body part (such as a head), upload it onto the platform, and start customizing. If you want to learn more about the Bauer customer case, click here.  


New year, new branding!  

This year Twikit also experienced a makeover. We updated the brand and the website (if you hadn’t noticed). We found it was time for a fresh look that better fit our message and vision while the website communicates our offering more clearly to visitors. We even have a lite version of a customer case customizer on the homepage. Have you tried it yet?  

Hopefully, you can easily find your way through our software tools that make up the personalization platform. Do you want a live demo? Get in touch. 


Laddy: revolutionizing design automation for lattice structures 

As a part of the Twikit platform, Laddy enables brands to create mass-customized products with personalized lattices through digital manufacturing and an easy-to-use cloud-based design automation solution. The lattice engine underwent an impressive update in 2022.  

Laddy ensures the mechanical responses of lattified products, even in individualized applications. To make this happen, Twikit collaborated with industry leader BASF. As a result, designers can create lattice structures which can offer the correct mechanical responses. 

With the launch of the next version of Laddy, we announced an array of new cutting-edge functionalities at Formnext (more about that later).  

The solution brings the design process of custom lattice structures to a new level and includes features that will become necessities for product engineers. Creating products with personalized lattice fills will never have been this straightforward to launch commercially.  


Formnext 2022: connecting with the AM ecosystem 

One of Twikit’s highlights (every year) is the annual Formnext fair. And it delivered as promised! The Twikit team had a great time connecting with customers, partners, and everyone else at the booth while discovering new innovations and applications. I hope you visited us because we had several exciting launches and presentations on the fair schedule.   

Our focus points of this year’s edition:  

  • We launched the Laddy editor and the collaboration with BASF. 
  • Twikit joined Materialise’s press release to announce Twikit’s integration with CO-AM.  
  • We highlighted partnerships during our exhibition at Formnext because we value our AM ecosystem.  

For a more detailed description of our experience and launches at Formnext 2022, click here.  

A new decade and new headquarters 

We didn’t rest when the team returned from Formnext because we had to celebrate ten years of Twikit! Congratulations to everyone who contributed to its growth over these last years. Let’s aim for another decade with the same ambition and motivation.  

Besides raising our glasses, the Twikit Tribe also had to pack up and move everything to a new office! We moved into an iconic building in Antwerp. A place where industrial heritage and digital innovation come together. We invite you to our new office at Hessenplein 2, 2000 Antwerp.  


What’s coming in 2023?  

A lot more changes. These changes in 2022 have helped us thrive and grow to a new level of what is Twikit. Hopefully, we will experience the same or even better in 2023. Let’s talk in a year.  

The Twikit team wishes you fantastic holidays and a happy new year!