Each car a unique & personalized design: the Twikit car wheel configurator

August 19, 2021
High-end configurators that have advanced connections with manufacturing processes enable mass personalization for different industries. Such as automotive. We created a configurator as a visual example of how your customer’s experience would look like.   


Try the configurator yourself here and learn more about the advantages of personalization and web-based configurators below.   


What is possible with the Car Wheel Configurator?

The features incorporated into the configurator allow for a rich brand experience when designing a custom car wheel.   


The end-customer can, for example, rotate the wheel to the desired angle and select a base and secondary pattern for the spoke inserts. The wheel can be personalized further by adding initials or symbols to the center cap and choosing the colors of the car wheel.  


With almost endless combinations, each customer can create their own product and make their automotive experience personal. A car wheel achieves an impactful visual statement and partly determines the car’s aesthetic feel. In other words, a perfect match for customization. 

A customized car wheel is an impactful visual statement.

Offline and online customer touchpoints  

The customized product can be directly ordered via the brand’s online configurator, or the configuration is saved, and the order is placed at a dealership. It facilitates new online and offline touchpoints with the consumer and unique opportunities for the car brand. A configurator is more than just an online personalizer.  


Endless personalization & product possibilities  

The Twikit car wheel configurator is only a mere example of what is possible for the automotive industry. Many parts have great potential for customization, taking the customer and brand experience to the next level. Think of vehicle keys, side fender badges, door sills, center consoles, and much more. Personalization increases satisfaction and makes an OEM stand out from other competitive brands.  


…Through additive manufacturing 

Additive manufacturing also allows for more complex shapes and structures, not possible through traditional processes. The parts are designed to be more lightweight and modular, like the car wheel design. It enhances the vehicle’s performance and reduces waste and cost—both very important factors in the automotive industry.   


Twikit Web SDK

Ensuring a seamless customer experience requires a user interface that integrates seamlessly into an online platform such as a website or webshop. This is where Twikit can assist.  


The Twikit web SDK contains website publishing tools and a client-side JavaScript library. It allows the configurator to fuse with every webshop or website with just a few lines of code. It embeds in the front-end code, which also saves the user server costs.  

The configurator can be provided ready-to-use with the proper branding incorporated to meet specific requirements. Further, Twikit web SDK also grants a company’s in-house IT team to style the configurator themselves. The in-house IT team is then able to style the platform themselves to fit seamlessly into the website.   


Enjoy a seamless customization experience

When visiting the web-based Twikit car wheel configurator, you get to experience a sleek and user-friendly interface. It presents the car wheel as a high-quality 3D model and shows the changes made in real-time. The configurator enables a smooth customization experience for the end-customer as well as for the OEM. 


Try the Car Wheel Configurator out here