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Twikbot® platform: Parametrization, Visual 3D Customization,
Production Output and more

  • Product Parametrization

    The Twikbot platform transforms your product from a digital input (3D file, 3D scan, AI) to a configurable format for visual customization and digital manufacturing.

    1. Product parametrization from your input (3D file, 3D scan, AI)
    2. Define tweaks within parameters: twist, scale, multiply bend and more
    3. Emboss, deboss and cut-through
    4. Define materials and finishes
    5. Combine 3D model with assets: fonts/images/patterns/textures
  • Visual Product Customization

    Twikbot enables real-time product visualization and 3D configuration live on your screen:

    1. Interactive 3D visualization: full 360° or restricted angles
    2. Real-time customization feedback
    3. Mobile first technology
    4. Works on all modern browsers
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    3D personalization software and on demand production software
  • Production Output

    Twikbot automatically creates a file output for digital production technologies (CNC, laser cut, 3D printing) and connects with the production facility of your choice.

    1. 3D printing output: .STL, .OBJ, texture maps
    2. Laser cutting output: .EPS, .BMP, .PNG, cut-through+engraving
    3. Link to production (API)
    3D personalization software and on demand production software
  • Integration

    Beside seamless integrations with online platforms, Twikbot can be connected with your existing API-based CRM, ERP, or order management system.

    1. E-commerce integration (Magento, Shopify, Wordpress, Woocommerce)
    2. Advanced business integration (CRM, ERP)

The Twikbot platform: An independent end-to-end solution

The twikbot software platform is an industry independent solution. Whether you are looking for an e-commerce integration or full enterprise solution, Twikbot can be integrated on different complexity levels. For more Twikbot software features and functionalities you can download the complete product sheet here:

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3D personalization software and on demand production software

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